Looking for a safe sunscreen products?

Green Beaver sunscreen

Looking for a safe sunscreen products? Learn how to choose a safe and healthy sunscreen for your baby from Healthy Child Healthy World. http://ow.ly/zs2Vo

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Are Silicone Nipples Safe For Your Baby?

Are Silicone Nipples Safe For Your Baby? – Healthy Child Healthy World. http://ow.ly/zs2zp

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Save 20% on Baby Oil & Lotion

Save on Baby Oil & Lotion

Save 20% on Baby Oil & Lotion at BabyJoy.ca. Shop for Organic, Natural, Non-toxic, and Chemical-free Baby Oil & Lotions. Featuring Brands like Badger, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Boo Bamboo, Lafes and many more.

When checkout, use code BABYOIL20. Valid until July 23rd, 2014 or till quantity last.

Shop now at http://ow.ly/zpxdS

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What is Mei Tai Carrier?

Chimparoo Mei Tai Carrier (Iris)

Chimparoo Mei Tai Carrier (Iris)

Mei-Tai is refers to a kind of Asian carrier. The word ‘Mei-Tai’ is pronounced from Chinese (Cantonese). By ‘Mei’, it means carrying on the shoulder, whereas ‘Tai’, it is carrying strap. It is the simplicity of the carrier that makes it so popular not only in Asian but around the world. There are many kind of Mei-tai. The most basic or common type of Mei-tai is the one where waist-belt and shoulder straps attached to the middle panel where the baby is seated.

Currently at BabyJoy.ca, we carry Mei Tai baby carriers from brands like Chimparoo and Vija Design. To view the Mei-tai carriers you can Click Here or visit the ‘Carriers’ category at www.babyjoy.ca.

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How much sleep does your baby need?

Its true that every baby is different. BabyCenter.com provided an interesting guidelines to average baby or Toddler’s sleeping hours. Sleep is very important in your baby’s development. Baby require lots of sleep. Check out the chart at  http://ow.ly/z8zec

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Introducing Baby Carriers from Chimparoo

Chimparoo Logo

Introducing Baby Carriers from Chimparoo. Some of Chimparoo’s popular baby carriers are Mei Tai, Multi 2.0, Ring Sling, Stretcy Wrap, Chimparoo Trek carrier and Woven Wrap.
Shop now at http://ow.ly/z8uT7 or visit http://www.babyjoy.ca.

Chimparoo Mei Tai Carrier (Juliet)


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Guide to Using Cloth Diaper

Guide to Using Cloth Diaper. Cloth diapers are cheap, eco-friendly, and convenient. http://ow.ly/z0JdNAppleCheeks Cloth Diaper - Envelope Cover (Appletini)

At BabyJoy.ca, you could find wide selections of cloth diapers. Brands you could find are AppleCheeks, Sckoon, gDiaper, and Imse Vimse. Click here to Shop now  or visit http://www.babyjoy.ca. 

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