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Last Minute Gift Ideas from

Last minute Gift Ideas

 As the final week approaches for the start of the Holiday season, the team of would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday. The team has come up with last minute gift ideas for busy parents and families who are looking for the best and the safest certified organic baby products for their loved ones.


With our Guaranteed Christmas Delivery policy, we can assure you that your order will reach its destination before Christmas. Our Guaranteed Christmas Delivery is available for ‘Local Areas’ only. Orders must be placed before December 22nd, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. (Click here for details)


Apart from Gift ideas, has put together different gift sets for quick holiday shopping solutions. Our in-house gift sets comes with three different themes: ‘Holiday Season’, ‘For Boys’ and ‘For Girls’.


Below is a list of suggestions of baby products. Mix and match items and provide ‘the awesome gift’ to baby and watch baby coo and gurgle as he/she delights in soft, comfortable, protective products made with certified organic ingredients.


Top Last minute Gift idea’s Products for the Holiday:

1)      Under the Nile Soft Toys – $3.49 (save upto 50% off)

Are you looking to buy soft toys for your baby? We have 100% certified organic cotton soft toys for your baby. Most babies tend to put their toys (and everything else they come across) in their mouths. To keep your baby safe from unsafe toys manufactured with harmful chemicals, allow your child the luxury of soft organic cotton toys. We have a variety of organic soft toys on our website. Gift your baby with a mix of ‘animals’ and ‘Fruits’ and ‘Veggies’ soft toys. Besides being soft and safe toys for your child, they help your baby to develop their sensory functions – see, touch and feel – by their different shapes and sizes.


2)      Under the Nile Ring Bear – $4.99 (save 50% off)

If you wish to purchase a rattle or a teether for your baby, has a variety of fun shaped ones for your baby. The Under the Nile Ring Bears are stuffed with the finest 100% organic Egyptian cotton and are easy for little ones to hold, and great for teething.


3)      Badger Baby Balm (2oz) – $7.75 (save 40% off)

For your newborn’s diaper rashes, mild skin irritations and scratches, a baby balm helps to soothe the skin. There are organic and natural herbs that will soothe and protect your baby’s skin. It is not essential to use pharmaceutical concoctions on your baby. At, we suggest using only organic products on your newborn’s delicate skin. Why not care for your loved ones with 100% natural, safe and soothing Badger Baby Balm? Formulated with moisturizing oils and calming herbs, the baby balm nurtures and protects the delicate baby skin. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil gently softens and moisturizes even the most delicate skin. The mild scent of true Roman Chamomile calms, while gentle Calendula soothes and protects. Badger formulates these products using only the safest & purest ingredients.


4)      Angel Baby Oil (120ml) – $7.75 (save 50% off)

Moisturizing and massaging your baby can be a tender experience for both your baby and yourself. Baby Organic Joy carries only organic products without artificial preservatives, fragrance or minerals. Angel Baby Oil contains absorbable grape seed oil blend that has no nut oils and zero toxins. Angel Baby Oil is infused with calming organic Chamomile and moisturizing organic Calendula, and has virtually no scent. There are no artificial preservatives, dyes or fragrances, just pure natural baby oil for your pure natural baby.


5)      Lafe’s Baby Lotion (177 ml) – $10.75 (save 40% off)

With the cold weather already on us, body lotion is a must after-bath routine. Lafe’s gentle baby lotion is made with certified organic botanicals. The bottle is BPA and estrogenic activity free so it will not leach harmful chemicals into the product. Like all of Lafe’s Baby Products, the baby lotion is free of parabens, propylene glycol, pesticides, SLS and artificial preservatives.


6)      Lafe’s Mother-to-be Deodorant Spray – $6.49 (save 40% off)

As Mothers are constantly in close proximity to their babies, we at thought that it was essential to find a natural, organic alternative to manufactured deodorants so mothers are free from harmful chemicals too. We found Lafe’s Mother-to-be Deodorant Spray. Lafe’s Natural Deodorant spray is made of a unique bland natural mineral salts and organic Aloe Vera and provides up to 24 hour protection against odour. Like all of Lafe’s Baby Products, Mother-To-Be Deodorant Spray contains no parablens, no propylene glycol, no pesticides, no SLS, no artificial preservatives, no artificial dyes or colors. Lafe’s uses only certified baby-safe plastic bottle that is BPA and estrogenic activity free, so it will not leach harmful chemicals into the product.


7)      Green Beaver Boreal Berry Lip Balm – $1.99 (save 50% off)

Keep your baby or child’s lips continuously moisturized this winter with a lip balm that has been certified organic, gluten free, vegan and biodegradable. Green Beaver Boreal Berry Lip Balm has Canadian organic raspberry, carrot and cranberry emollients for soft, smooth, long-lasting moisturized lips.


8)      Green Bean Baby Interlock Booties – $12.49 (save 40% off)

When your baby is at home or out in the stroller, booties will help to keep your babies’ feet warm beneath his blanket, without the restrictions of conventional shoes. Try organic cotton or velour booties. They are warm and look stylish and cute on your baby’s feet. Green Bean Baby Interlock Booties are available on our website. They are certified organic and made in Canada from beautiful, soft, 100% organic cotton interlock.


9)      Green Bean Baby Sherpa Hat – $17.25 (save 40% off)

Need a hat that looks warm, cozy and stylish for your baby/toddler this winter? Look no further. Baby Organic Joy is carrying certified organic cotton fleece Sherpa hat from Green Bean Baby. We carry medium and large sizes for 6 months old babies to 3 years old children.


10)  Under the Nile Mittens – $2.99 (save 50% off)

It is important to have your newborn in mittens right from the time he/she is born to prevent your baby from scratching his/her delicate skin. You may or may not know this but babies can be born with unexpectedly long nails. Try a light-weight, soft and comfortable, certified organic cotton mittens that stay on without being too tight.


11)  Green Bean Baby Hooded Jacket – $25.99 (save 35% off)

Are you looking for a certified organic jacket for your growing baby/child? We carry certified organic jackets for everyday wear from Green Bean Baby. This hooded jacket is cozy in fleece and comes in two sizes.


12)  Green Bean Baby Sherpa Scarf – $7.99 (save 30% off)

Having a warm scarf is essential during the winter. Try the soft, organic certified Green Bean Baby Sherpa Scarf and pair it with a Green Bean Baby Sherpa hat, also available on our website.


13)  Under the Nile Long-sleeve Side-snap Babybody – $9.99 (save 40% off)

Looking for a long-sleeved top for your baby? We have long-sleeved side-snap babybodies in pink and blue. These certified organic cotton rib knit side snap babybodies with fold over cuffs makes dressing effortless!


14)  Glo Baby Onesie Gift Set (green stripe) – $24.75 (save 35% off)

Gift a baby, a matching onesie set. The GLO Onesie Gift Set includes a onesie, matching hat and booties packaged in a sheer re-usable organdy bag. The lap shoulder onesie construction makes it easy to slip over baby’s head and the “stay on” double-knot hat feature makes this a great gift. This product is 100% Fair Trade Certified & Certified Organic Cotton interlock.


15)  Sckoon Elf Pant (rose) – $16.99 (save 15% off)

Looking for a pair of super-soft and comfortable pants for your baby? Sckoon Elf Pants is made of silky soft interlock 100% Certified Organic cotton. The lovely and roomy design makes it for easy on and easy off.


16)  Under Nile Footie (boy stripe) – $14.49 (save 40% off)

While in the house, your baby would be more comfortable in a one-piece. The Under the Nile Footie is a one-piece that covers your baby’s foot too. With this, you need not worry that your baby’s cold feet. The footie provides comfort and warmth.


17)  Natracare Baby Wipes – $5.99 (save 40% off)

At Baby Organic Joy, we recommend certified organic cotton wipes for your baby’s delicate skin. Natracare Baby Wipes are certified organic, 100% cotton and is soft, gentle and effective cleanser.  The wipes are infused with certified organic essential oils of apricot, linden and chamomile as well as natural plant extracts all of which will cleanse and refresh, leaving the skin softened. This gentle formula is free from detergents such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) or any of its close relatives, parabens, SHG and other types of formaldehyde releasing preservatives.


18)  Imse Vimse All-in-One diaper – $75.99 (save 20% off)

For busy, yet eco and health-conscious parents, we carry an ‘All-in-One’ diaper from InmseVimse. These 100% certified organic cotton terry diapers are soft and stretchy, providing a comfortable fit for your baby. The special features of this All-in-One diaper from ImseVimse are:

  • • diaper soaker layers are made with 100% certified organic cotton terry
    • soft and stretchy fabric provides a comfortable fit for baby
    • signature ImseVimse soft leg-gussets keep everything contained
    • fold-back laundry tabs prevent snags when washing
    • waterproof, yet breathable outer fabric (PUL) is both soft and durable
    • designed with internal flaps to allow thorough washing and quick drying
    • flap-style soaker design allows the versatility of either stay-dry micro fleece or
    certified organic cotton next to babies skin



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