How I found my joy in crib mattress

Hi Everyone!

My name is Suzanne Toth and I’m a mother to my son, Owen . I am a Childbirth Educator in training, and the blogger behind Tips from a Momma. ( I am so thrilled to be posting about the wonderfully-organic and natural products from Baby Organic

When I was pregnant with Owen, one of the first purchases that came to mind was a crib and mattress. I wanted a mattress that would give him the support that he needed for his ever developing little body, would be durable, waterproof, inexpensive, and above all, safe.

Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight Crib Mattress is lightweight, weighing only 7 lbs, is waterproof for easy cleaning, and fits the ASTM dimensions for crib mattress safety, completely recyclable. Free from harmful chemicals and allergens, has a 2-stage dual firmness feature, and has a lifetime warranty.

When wrapping Owen up into a little “baby burrito” (as we used to call him) I wanted to make sure our mattress was firm and flat according to safety standards. For the first six months your baby should be laying on a firm flat mattress, it is important that the mattress is flat in case your little one rolls on onto his side or tummy, the firm flat surface will decrease your babies risk of suffocation and SIDS. As Owen grew out of his “burrito”, I would walk into his room, he would be sitting there nicely, happy and signing to himself. I was always at ease knowing he had a great restful sleep.

Purchasing a crib that is durable is also important. Your beautiful bundle of joy will poop, pee, spit up, throw up, bounce and play on his or her mattress, finding a crib that is easy to clean up those dirty messes, and durable to handle the rolls and bounces and jumps! (Trust me, as soon as 1-1/2 hits they will not use they’re crib as a trampoline)  you want something that will last.

Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight Crib Mattress, will give your little one great support, keep them cozy and most importantly, safe.

To find out more about this product, please visit:

Tips From A Momma

Suzanne Toth


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