A must-have list of breast feeding products

Good day everyone!

As we’re on the topic of breast feeding, I’d like to share with you some products that can make breastfeeding even more enjoyable and comfortable.

Starting off with the Earth Mama Baby Tubes, these tubes can be used for cold press to use for swelling and tenderness you may be feeling and when heated, the Booby tubes can help with breast tenderness, and encourage milk flow. This is also beneficial to maintain open milk ducts to prevent clogged ducts, promote let-down and comfort symptoms of infection or mastitis. Each box comes with a set of two Baby Tubes, one for each side.

Earth Mama Booby Tubes

Find more about this product here: https://www.babyorganicjoy.ca/Booby-Tubes-p/ab10013.htm

Moving down to the nipple, this area can be the most sensitive for women, especially during breast feeding. To keep nipples soothed and to prevent soreness, use Organic Certified Earth Mama Nipple Butter. This butter balm glides on smoothly, to comfort and protect. It is also clinically tested, hospital recommended, lanolin-free and not a bit sticky! Apply as needed after each feeding.

Earth Mama Nipple Butter

Find more about this product here: https://www.babyorganicjoy.ca/Nipple-Butter-p/ab10007.htm

In between feeding your little one, you will need to take a little burp break and Itzy Ritzy bitzy Burp Cloth’s are designed with Bamboo Rayon which will be soft against your baby’s cheek, absorbent, and tapered contoured shape gives perfect coverage. If that wasn’t incising enough, these adorable burp cloths transform into bibs and wash cloths! Rust- free plastic snaps ensure bib stays in place and is machine washable.

Itzy Ritzy Bitzy Burp Cloth - Rodeo Drive

Find more about this product here: https://www.babyorganicjoy.ca/product-p/ir340016.htm

Out in public? Don’t let that stop you from feeling comfortable while nursing your baby. Itzy Ritzy Cover will keep you properly covered, is soft, and is stylish with its zigzag print and decorative buckle! Washable, fully lined in silky Bamboo Rayon, rigid neckline to maintain eye contact with your little one and tapered shape ensures full coverage for mom and baby.

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Cover - Little Miss Zig Zag

Find more about this product here: https://www.babyorganicjoy.ca/product-p/ir340013.htm

While out and about you will want to ensure you have nursing/ breastfeeding pads inserted into your bra incase of any leakage. Thinking or even looking at your baby can cause a little leaking from your breast. Certified Organic Sckoon Breastfeeding pads are perfectly made to protect your sensitive skin and keep breast warm, prevent sore nipples, and leakage. With an added bonus, these pads machine washable and are made with 100% Egyptian cotton that actually gets softer the more your wash them.

Sckoon Organic Breastfeeding Pad

Find more about this product here: https://www.babyorganicjoy.ca/product-p/sk230023.htm

Breastfeeding should be as comfortable as possible for both Mom and Baby. I hope these products will ensure you a more relaxed experience. For even more breast feeding products follow this link: https://www.babyorganicjoy.ca/category-s/1858.htm

Enjoy your day! 🙂


Suzanne Toth



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