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What is Mei-Tai Baby Carrier? 


Mei-Tai is refers to a kind of Asian baby carrier. The word ‘Mei-Tai’ is pronounced from Chinese (Cantonese). By ‘Mei’, it means carrying on the shoulder, whereas ‘Tai’, it is carrying strap. It is the simplicity of the carrier that makes it so popular not only in Asian but around the world.

There are many kind of Mei-tai. The most basic or common type of Mei-tai is the one where waist-belt and shoulder straps attached to the middle panel where the baby is seated.

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Key benefits of using Baby Sling


Key benefits of using Baby Sling:
– Allows carrying the baby naturally.
– Skin to skin contact with newborn.
– Promotes healthy hips and spine development through natural positioning of the baby.
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Innovative Breast Pump!


A very innovative wireless breast pump from Willow. Currently displayed at CES 20017. Perfect for busy new mom who are breastfeeding. The device is wireless. You can control the device through an app by bluetooth. The only drawback is that the breast pump bag is not reusable. You will have to buy new ones each time they’re full.  Read More

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Learn how to put your baby to sleep!


Tips for New Moms. Learn how to put your baby to sleep at Read now

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What is Swaddle?


What is Swaddle? A swaddle is a specially designed blanket that you can use to wrap your newborn. Swaddling is an old technique which has been passed down from generation. Learn about the benefits of swaddling newborn at Read Now

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Top harmful chemical to avoid


Check out the list of harmful chemicals (like arsenic, pesticides) you should keep away from your baby – via Read now

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Secret to raising kids.


Interesting article from GlobeAndMail about the secret behind raising kids. Check out the tricks from foreign countries on how to raise the happiest and most successful children. Read more

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